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  • Sugar industry exposed. Documents describing the pressure and bribes the sugar industry used to focus the blame on saturated fat, not sugar, as the key cause of cardiovascular disease in the 1960’s were collated into a research article in JAMA Internal Medicine. At that time there was actually considerable controversy over the issue. The move was very strategic and extremely effective – focusing research and dietary recommendations on limiting saturated fats for decades. Notably, this is not the first time that the sugar industry has been accused of influencing policy AND certainly not something that only occurred in the past.
  • Caffeine and anaerobic power in athletes. Most of the research looking at caffeine and performance has been in endurance athletes and focused on increasing the length of time they can exercise at a high intensity. New research suggests that there may also be some benefit to caffeine on anaerobic power; an important observation as many pre-workout supplements contain caffeine.
  • C-sections and obesity. There is evidence that being born via c-section can increase an infant’s chance of obesity later in life. What is interesting about this research is that the authors found an increased risk for siblings from the same biological mother living in the same situation; theoretically controlling for many factors that could promote obesity (genetics, environment etc.). Although, the reason(s) are still under investigation; it has been suggested that the gut microbiota may be involved. The research is directed that those who are requesting optional c-sections NOT those who require c-sections to ensure a safe delivery.

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