Flavour of the Week


  • The link between obesity and increased risk of developing colon, esophageal, kidney, breast and uterine cancers has been previously established. Now researchers are finding TGIFthat the impact of obesity  on cancer development may be more widespread and include: cancers of the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, ovary, brain, thyroid, and multiple myeloma (a blood cancer). It is important to note that the studies used are typically epidemiological and cannot make cause and effect statements. Furthermore, the increased risk is often low from a clinical perspective. Still, if you are looking for one more reason to motivate you to maintain a healthy weight; it certainly can’t hurt.
  • Another reason to blame your mother? Turns out that mothers with overweight or obesity can increase their child’s risk through metabolically unfavourable changes during and theoretically after pregnancy. Researchers have found that cells from the umbilical cord of mothers with obesity have negative changes in the genes that are involved in the breakdown of fats and energy production. Furthermore, when they analyzed at the actual blood flowing to the fetus, they found higher levels of fats with potentially harmful effects.
  • Only in France would they have a “Centre des Sciences du Goût de l’Alimentation”  (essentially translates to Center for the Sciences of Tastes of Food) where they developed a device called the Gas Chromatograph-Olfactometry Associated Taste (GC-OAT) – it delivers smells through a tube to your nose. The goal is to help make low fat foods more appealing by adding aromas to compensate for the blandness that can occur when sugar, salt, and fat are removed.
  • Worried about the impact of cooking on nutrient quality of foods? Check out this quick post on the impact of cooking on the nutrients found in meats. The short answer, if you are cooking anything fresh at home you are probably already doing better than most!
  • It’s back to school for most next week! If you want to get off to a good start with some healthy snack ideas check out the Oh She Glows recipes and suggestions. I haven’t tried them all but she rarely disappoints!

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