Flavour of the Week


  • Is coconut water more hydrating? The record breaking temperatures summer have prompted people to wonder about the best way to rehydrate after exercise. Options include sports drinks, plain water, or increasingly popular – coconut water. TGIFCoconut water is sometimes touted as the best option because it is lower in sugar than say Gatorade and quite high in potassium. What does the research show? Well certainly unflavoured coconut water has less sugar than a traditional sports drink, however, that may not be a good thing during a endurance workout and if calories are your primary concern, plain water is best. The potassium argument is apparently mute as you can get plenty from a healthy diet. It appears that most options are equally effective at rehydration. In summary, coconut water (unflavoured) can be an option if you like it but it is probably no better than any other choice.
  • A great case for school gardens: healthier eating habits, pedagogical improvements, increased teacher retention, improved learning, and valuable life skills. The list goes on AND it seems so simple as most schools have plenty of space (in Calgary you just have to figure out how to survive the hail!).
  • The health benefits of the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), such as the omega-3 fatty acids, have been fairly well established in adults – particularly as they relate to heart health. Now there is more evidence however, that these healthy foods should be added to the diet right from the get go. Children who ate more PUFAs and fewer saturated fats had a lower body weight and body fat. Let your kids (and you) snack on nuts and seeds and include those (omega-3) fatty fish in your dinner plans.

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