Flavour of the Week


  • Can excessive use of workout supplements be qualified as an eating disorder?  AND this time one that primarily affects males? Eating disorders are highly complex and the factors that promote them go well beyond the “body TGIFimage/media promoting unrealistic role models” reasons we are familiar with; however, these influences often play a part. Generally, body image has been viewed having more of an influence on female behaviour but males are not immune and may excessively consume legal over-the-counter workout supplements in an effort to achieve the ideal male body.
  • Spice Long Your Life? Can eating spicy foods lead to a longer life? Researchers found that those eating spicy foods at least 1-2 days per week had a reduced risk of death (albeit the effect was fairly small at 10%). The study is interesting and certainly there are a lot of biochemical compounds in vegetables and herbs that we know very little about, however, the authors caution that this is an observational study so more research is required. That being said, if you enjoy spicy food go for it!
  • The best first step in starting to improve your diet may be to destress. When researchers studied the brains of people put in a stressful situation and compared them to those in a non-stressful control situation, they found that the brain pathways and hormones were altered by stress, making it more likely for the participants in the stressful situation to make unhealthy, short-term reward decisions.
  • Yes, many people can AND should exercise after having a heart attack but many are not taking advantage of the opportunity. There are numerous cardiac rehabilitation programs out there designed specifically for people who have heart attacks. They usually occur in controlled environments and are facilitated by professionals. Of course, they are not for everyone and you should always check with your physician, but if they are recommended, people should take advantage of them as they can be very helpful.

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