Flavour of the Week


  • Water, it really is a precious resource and the basis of our food supply. Concerns are rising over the lack of water for farming in California (we’ve had an unusually dry spring here in Calgary as well, TGIFbut are not exactly an agricultural mecca) and the economic impact is estimated to be in the billions. Let’s hope for some creative, long-term solutions beyond just limiting our almond consumption.
  • The Daily Table has opened its doors in Boston! An “experiment” to see if selling food, that would otherwise be thrown away by supermarkets and food distributors, at very low prices will fly with the public. Remember “Best Before” dates are not “Do Not Eat” dates. It will be interesting to see if the idea catches on. In a related story, France is requiring grocery stores to give away, not throw-out, unsold food in an effort to reduce waste.
  • More evidence to suggest that sleep deprivation can increase your risk of obesity. Researchers found that sleep disruption affects how hormones control appetite, increases stress, causes us to eat more to try to increase our energy, and makes us more impulsive.
  • Five veggies you should eat. Sure there are way more than five, the more the better BUT these ones can be grown in Canada and there is some neat nutritional information and cooking tips. Worth a glance.

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