Flavour of the Week


  • Eating less and still not losing weight? Anecdotally, some people complain that they find it harder to lose weight when they restrict calories than other people do. Recently, a study using whole-room indirect calorimetry (a good measurement of people’s metabolism), supports the idea that some people have a “thrifty” metabolism, whereby, their metabolic rate decreases significantly more than others when they cut the calories.  The researchers are quick to point out, however, that this doesn’t mean you should stop trying or that eating less and exercising more can’t work for you.
  • How much exercise is too much? We always tout exercise as healthy (and in most cases it is) but can you get too much? TGIFCheck out the report on the effects of Ultraman competitions on the body. Double digit weight loss (not ideal for these athletes), large fluctuations in blood sugar levels, and they haven’t even finished analysing the data yet.
  • Vitamin D….It’s not just for humans. Turns out that hospitalized, pet cats with higher levels of vitamin D fared much better than their furry friends with lower levels of vitamin D. That being said, the researchers don’t recommend supplementation, just a healthy diet – perhaps with a few tuna treats – and remember that vitamin D can be toxic at high levels (no we don’t know what that is for cats!).

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