Flavour of the Week


  • Those with low levels of circulating vitamin D may be more likely to suffer a severe stroke when compared to those with adequate vitamin D. Researchers also found that lower levels were associated with poorer health outcomes three months post-stroke, with chance of recovery steadily dropping with lower vitamin D.
  • TGIFIf you are trying to lose weight, align yourself with a successful friend! In a simulation (i.e., not real life, but interesting!), engineering students from the University of Buffalo modeled weight loss based on physical characteristics and personality traits – their model suggests people who have successfully lost weight produced the largest total weight loss among peers.
  • An investigation by the British Medical Journal found troubling financial ties between public health researchers (and even government committees!) and junk food industry groups like Coca-Cola, Mars and Nestle.

    Despite working on a UK public health committee updating carbohydrate and sugar intake recommendations, many committee members received sugar industry funding for their work. So much for impartial evidence-based recommendations!
  • A new study from Yale has linked hyperactivity in children to drinking energy drinks. Among over 1,600 middle-school children (average age 12 years), those who consumed energy drinks had a 66% increased risk of hyperactivity and inattention symptoms. Check out our previous post, Energy Drinks for Children and Youth?, for more information.
  • Are chili peppers the next “miracle” for obesity? Capsaicin, the fiery compound responsible for chili peppers’ heat, may stimulate thermogenesis and energy burning by activating the “browning” of white fat (learn more about brown fat in this post from last month). While only in animal stages of research, keep an eye on your health food store shelves!

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