Flavour of the Week


  • New research from McGill University confirms that our current food label systems are no better than chance (i.e., you might as well flip a coin in the grocery aisle) when it comes to helping consumers purchase healthy foods. The NuVal TGIFsystem used in some U.S. regions provided consumers with the quickest and most effective method for making more nutritious choices.
  • Former Biggest Loser contestant Kai Hibbard calls the show a “fat-shaming disaster“. Even Jillian Michaels left the show (supposedly) out of concern for contestants’ health! Check out our previous post, “The Biggest Loser and a Culture of Weight Bias“, on how watching reality TV weight loss programs can impact your views on weight.
  • Nearly 40 obesity researchers from around the world, as a part of the Energy Balance Measurement Working Group, have signed off on the recent editorial “Energy balance measurement: when something is not better than nothing” in the International Journal of Obesity. The authors suggest that the status quo of using self-reported dietary and physical activity to conduct research is no longer acceptable since we KNOW the data is not accurate.

    So what should we use instead? They suggest a greater focus on the development of objective measures of energy intake including “emerging alternatives [such as] digital photography, chewing and swallowing monitors, and wrist motion detectors that count plate to mouth motion.”
  • We are already three weeks into 2015 – how are those resolutions going? If you resolved to lose weight but are struggling, you’re not alone! This post from Obesity Panacea on resolution pitfalls could help you reset those goals and get back on track.

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