Flavour of the Week


  • Do you eat to live or live to eat? After spending “too much time” preparing and paying for nutritious meals, a group of engineers developed Soylent – an all-you-need-to-live powdered product, so you can say goodbye to pesky food. Check out this NY Times review of the product, described as “joyless”, “bland” and “motel-carpet beige”. At least this Soylent isn’t made of people. We’ll stick with food for our staple meals, thank you very much!
  • TTGIFo take or not to take? The multivitamin-mineral supplement debate continues to rage. While time and again research demonstrates that supplement users don’t improve their health (at least in studies), we don’t see the need to axe supplements entirely. We agree that a healthy diet *should* provide all of the vitamins and minerals you need, but that isn’t the case for everyone!

    Our suggestion is to only supplement when your diet, no matter how healthy, cannot provide all that you need – vitamin D in the winter, vegetarians and vitamin B12, iron during pregnancy, etc. Don’t pop pills for the sake of “health” if your diet is full of processed foods and sugar. You’re better off fixing your diet by changing the food you eat, not fixing your health by taking supplements.
  • California is considering a new health bill requiring cigarette-style warnings on sugary drinks, and an opinion piece in the British Medical Journal supports the idea. While we think banning, or at least limiting, sugar-sweetened beverages in schools is a worthwhile idea, we’re not sold on the warning labels. Most people know how bad soft drinks are…

    How about bringing back cooking classes in schools? If you take away unhealthy options, it makes sense that you would then provide the skills necessary to make better choices! We also think everyone should have to take a Nutrition and Cooking 101 class in school – everyone needs to eat, but not everyone knows how and why to prepare healthy food.
  • More fighting over school lunches! While most groups support new, stricter standards for what defines “healthy” in schools, some like the School Nutrition Association are against the proposed new regulations. Here’s a great post from Marion Nestle’s Food Politics on the matter.
  • Parents of teenagers – stock that fridge! Growing teens may not know how to cook, so help them resist the urge to grab something unhealthy by keeping the fridge and pantry loaded with easy to prepare options.

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