Flavour of the Week


  • Beyond Body Mass Index (BMI). The current standard used by many to diagnose overweight or obesity is BMI. BMI cut-points are, to a certain degree, associated with the increased risk of disease BUT it is not a perfect system. BMI looks at a TGIFratio of your weight to your height but does not measure actual fat or where the fat is distributed. The “beer belly” fat in the abdominal area is the type that is more closely linked to disease. With this in mind, researchers report that waist circumference may be a better predictor of health or disease than BMI
  • Myth busters – Researchers test the five second rule. You know the one where if you drop food on the floor but retrieve it in less than 5 seconds it is still good to eat? They conclude that time is definitely a factor in the ability of bacteria to transfer to the food and thus you.
  • If your oatmeal is feeling a little blah lately you can check out these recipes to liven up your breakfast with some ancient grains.

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