Flavour of the Week


  • The types of bacteria living in a person’s gut have been associated with obesity. Keeping this in mind, it is logical thatprobiotics (healthy bacteria) could aid in weight loss. A study to evaluate the effects of a weight loss diet, in conjunction with either a placebo or a probiotic, found twice as much weight loss with the probiotic. Sorry fellas – the probiotics only seemed to work in the female participants…
  • Is Wheat Bad for You? We saw this last week and forgot to put it in our TGIF summary. Given the glutton of gluten-free products and the popularity of gluten-free diets we thought it still relevant enough to share this week.
  • Dietary recommendations should be taken with a grain of salt.” When consumers come across contradictory nutrition information, they get confused, annoyed and may end up ignoring ALL nutrition information! How do you find credible sources and avoid those with sketchy credentials. We like the CRAAP test for internet information!

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