Flavour of the Week


  • Along with ice cream sandwiches and tea, food trend predictors are saying “cauliflower is the new kale” for 2014. Check out our Eat This! Cauliflower post (from 2012, no less!) for some ideas for preparing this long-unsung hero of the produce drawer.
  • TGIFEven McDonald’s doesn’t recommend eating their food! A website providing “Life Advice” for McDonald’s employees was taken down by the company after the media caught on to the fact that it was advising its employees to make healthier food choices, which (shockingly) advised against hamburgers, fries and fast food in general.
  • Bigger is Better! Tasty, supersized meals have been blamed for our high fast food intake and obesity rates. Perhaps it’s the “supersize” that is the motivator? We like to think we are getting a deal on our foods so perhaps “supersizing” healthy foods will encourage people to make healthier choices? It appears consumers are highly motivated by the idea that they are “getting a bargain”. Be aware though, it’s never a good bargain if the long term price is obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. The best solution is probably to keep the cost between a small, medium, and large proportional to the size.
  • Bad news for faux cheese fans – a Velveeta shortage may be coming to a city near you! With ingredients similar to any processed cheese product including a whole lot of sodium, we think scaling back Velveeta intake isn’t a bad thing.
  • We’re not recommending the McDiet but it turns out it is possible to lose weight eating McDonald’s! Again and again, it all comes down to the calories consumed and the choices you make. The foods and portion sizes were closely monitored it wasn’t a McDonald’s free for all. AND the nutrient quality of the diet is another story all together….

    As an aside, they mention that he started walking briskly for 45 minutes five days a week – but the exercise part doesn’t seem to be making the headlines the same way the McDonald’s diet part of the project is…curious that.

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