Flavour of the Week


  • Does healthy eating really cost $550 more per year? New research from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that choosing healthier options at the grocery store as opposed to processed foods could cost you $1.50 more per day. The highest cost disparity was found for meat – healthier, lower fat meat options were about 29 cents more expensive per serving.

    But what about the long-term costs of eating a diet heavy in processed foods, and limited in fresh veggies and fruit? The American Diabetes Association estimates that diabetes cost $245 billion dollars in 2012. Recent estimates suggest that per capita medical costs are nearly $3000 more per year for obese individuals than those with a healthy weight. What a great way to eat healthy and save money – be mindful, and stop eating when you are full! Also, fill up on beans more often than meat.
  • The role of inflammation in the development of obesity-related health problems is a burgeoning area of research. A new study has linked obesity and poor diet with changes in immune cells and an increase in inflammatory markers, specifically one called PAR-2. What’s interesting is that this PAR-2 protein may be a potential target for anti-obesity medication. When PAR-2 action was blocked in obese rats, there was significant improvement in inflammation, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular risk.
  • Maybe we should encourage kids to play with their food? Messy eaters are better learners! New research published in Developmental Science suggests that getting messy at mealtime may foster learning. When toddlers were provided with non-solid foods and an associated made-up word, the kids who interacting most with the food – i.e., poked it, smeared it, threw it – were more likely to recall the word when presenting with the food again one minute later.

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