Flavour of the Week


  • Finally! The Food and Drug Administration is planning to classify partially hydrogenated oils as food additives rather than simply food ingredients. This would mean these sources of added trans fat would require authorization before being added to food… and could effectively lead to a quasi-ban if authorization is denied. We’ll see! There’s still 60 days of comments from the public and food manufacturers…
  • Are popular food blog recipes helping or hurting our health? When researchers analyzed recipes from six popular food blogs (Busy at Home, Chocolate and Zucchini,, Pinch My Salt, Pioneer Woman, Simply Recipes, and Smitten Kitchen), they found that while recipes were reasonable acceptable with respect to calories, they provided excessive saturated fat and, not surprisingly, sodium. Vegetarian recipes on the blogs tended to be the healthiest.
  • TGIFThoughtful blog post from Obesity Panacea on the practice-what-you-preach hypocrisy of food choices. Do health researchers always have to lead by example when it comes to shirking junk food? At No Baloney, we firmly believe in the 80-20 rule – 80% of the time, make the best choice you can and then allow yourself some guilt-free wiggle room for treats. It’s a matter of how much and how often, not total deprivation!
  • Could gluten sensitivity be an allergy after all? A recent review of the literature suggests that wheat “sensitivity” may indeed show clinical, laboratory and cellular signs of allergy, but just not mediated by the same pathway as other common allergens like peanuts, shellfish and milk protein (Ig-E antibody-mediated allergies).
  • When you are at a buffet, start with the healthy food! At a breakfast buffet experiment, Dr. Brian Wansink and colleagues changed the order in which items were offered – from cheesy eggs and bacon first to fruit and yogurt up front. After one buffet pass, those in the fruit-first line were more likely to take fruit versus those who started out with egg, bacon and potato choices.Just like with grocery shopping, filling up your plate at a buffet with healthier options at first leaves less room for the unhealthy stuff.

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