Flavour of the Week


  • Trying to eat up all of that leftover Halloween candy? Check out our colleague, dietitian Casey Berglund, on Calgary’s Global TV morning news with some startling visuals. How many teaspoons of sugar have you eaten this week?
  • Too much of a good thing? In a recent review of the literature, excess omega-3 fatty acids increased immune system dysfunction. Keep in mind the data is from ANIMALS but there is no need to take in excess omega-3s. Go with food first, and if you TGIFsupplement remember that the current generally recognized as safe (GRAS) dose for omega-3s is 2 grams per day (2000 mg) – there is no reason to supplement above this level.
  • You’ve lost the weight, but now time to keep it off! Often, preventing weight regain is the most difficult part of achieving a healthy body weight. In fact, a new meta-analysis found that weight regain is the “rule not the exception”. The analysis of 20 weight loss studies, however, found that following a high-protein diet showed promising results, as did consuming meal replacement supplements.

    Increasing protein intake, particularly in women, to aid weight loss is nothing new – protein can increase satiety and may help reduce the muscle loss that can accompany dieting. As for meal replacements, *some* people find that the pre-portioned ease helpful BUT we don’t recommend this strategy long-term. Our favourite weight regain preventer? Increase your fibre intake. Check out our previous Post-Dieting Syndrome for more info.

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