Flavour of the Week


  • Butter vs. Margarine? The controversy continues regarding the health concerns (or not) of saturated fats; particularly the saturated fats in butter and dairy products. The issue is by no means resolved, but for more information you can check out the recent Globe and Mail story as well as the BBC report on the topic.

    What is clear, is that processed TGIFfoods that have been made “low fat” by adding sugar and salt are not healthier choices.
  • Can your genetics really cause you to have a slow metabolism? New research suggests yes BUT notes that less than 1% of people are affected. When we compare this to the 23% of the Canadian population that falls in the obese category it’s easy to see that the genetically determined “slow metabolism” found by these researchers could only account for a small percentage of obesity cases.
  • TV fast-food advertising again linked to obesity rates in youth. It may be a chicken or egg situation but regardless obese youth had higher advertising receptivity scores – meaning they were more likely to be able to be able to identify the brand in fast-food advertisements and have seen the advertisement previously.

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