Flavour of the Week


  • Fascinating look at a week’s worth of groceries from countries around the world. Great Britain and the US definitely have some improvements to make, but we see a lot of frozen convenience items in the Canadian vignette too!
  • In several recent case reports, weight loss products and energy drinks have been linked to liver damage and even organ failure. Remember, over-the-counter weight loss supplements and herbal products DO NOT have to prove that they work or that they are even safe before going to market. Stick with the tried and true – exercise and healthy eating!
  • TGIFA recent study suggests that large-scale nutrition studies like NHANES in the US (and potentially CCHS in Canada) are fatally flawed as the dietary intake data they collect is highly inaccurate.

    This is a limitation of ALL nutrition studies involving self-reported intake (versus monitored food records). Just as you are probably taller and lighter on your driver’s license, most people underestimate the amount of food they eat, perhaps by as much as 25 – 40%.
  • The importance of good nutrition during pregnancy is well-established. Not surprisingly, eating well when trying to conceive can increase your chances of success and boost fertility. Maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial – as much as 30% of women’s fertility issues are linked to being over- or underweight. Following a diet rich in veggies, fruit, lean protein, oils and vegetarian sources of iron is recommended as well.

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