Flavour of the Week


  • Despite media press releases promoting so-called “healthy” menu options at fast food restaurant, menus have not actually improved in terms of calorie or sodium content overall. Check out these “worst fast food salads” – just because they put it on lettuce, doesn’t mean it is any better for you!
  • If fecal transplantation made you a bit squeamish, a Calgary doctor has pioneered “poop pills” to treat resistant C. difficile infections. Pills contain friendly bacteria extracted from the stool of a healthy relative and are triple encased.
  • TGIFTime to put swordfish back on the menu? New research suggests that fish is only a small contributor (7%) to total body mercury. Interestingly, other dietary culprits include herbal teas and alcohol (especially wine).

    What does this mean for current recommendations? Not much in the way of change. It is still prudent to limit high mercury fish (like swordfish and shark), particularly if you are pregnant. Limiting other fish and seafood, however, is likely unnecessary, especially given demonstrated IQ benefits from long-chain omega-3 fatty acid intake during pregnancy. We are most interested in the herbal tea issue – many are not recommended during pregnancy as it is!
  • Childhood obesity does more than negatively impact future health, it can limit school success too. In a German study, obese children were less likely to get high grades in math and move on to upper secondary school.

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