Flavour of the Week


  • Get out the nut butter at breakfast! New research suggests that girls who regularly consume peanut butter AND nuts have better breast health later in life, with a significantly reduced risk of developing benign breast disease. Note: the results indicated peanut butter, other nuts and vegetable protein like lentils were protective.

    Contrary to what A LOT of media have reported, the study results did not look specifically at breast cancer risk, but you can *cautiously* infer reduced cancer risk since benign breast disease is a risk factor for breast cancer.
  • TGIFAmazing visual representations of fad diets – when you see what you actually get to consume, it’s not so appealing! Precisely why these hard, super-restrictive diets have very short-term results.
  • Intuitively we all know that eating more vegetables and fruits protects you against chronic disease, so you probably live longer with a produce-rich diet. But for the first time EVER increased veggies and fruits are actually linked with reduced mortality. The protective effect of produce was most pronounced in those who were obese, regularly consumed alcohol and smoked.
  • Killing our pets with kindness. It’s not just people affected by the obesity epidemic but dogs too, where more than half of dogs in the US are overweight or obese! Same problems as their owners too – portion control and lack of exercise. Get double the benefit by taking your pooch for a walk.
  • Check out this Examining Food Myths and Facts quiz and see if you can pick out the malarkey messages. Hint: “multigrain” on a food label means essentially nothing!

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