Flavour of the Week


  • Replace your morning java with morning cola? That’s what Coca-Cola would like to happen! The UK branch of Coca-Cola is now trying to convince consumers to replace coffee, tea, smoothies and other breakfast beverages with soft drinks to “complete the meal.”
  • One more reason to eat fish – a 14% reduction in breast cancer risk. In a review of 26 studies, eating fatty fish like salmon, sardines and even tuna 1 – 2 times per week (which is in keeping in recommendations) showed significant declines in breast cancer diagnosis. No such luck with shorter chain omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) found in flax, walnuts and chia, which did not impact cancer risk.
  • TGIFFrom Paleo to Bloody Type, the seven worst weight loss diets – what they promise, what they actually deliver.
  • From Dr. Brian Wansink and his team, more findings on how size labelling as restaurants impacts portion control. When a 2 cup portion of spaghetti was labelled as “Half-Size” to some and “Double-Size” to others, those getting the Double-Size left 10-times as much food behind.

    That’s why you never trust the “regular” size at a restaurant – ask about the actual volume in ml or ounces, then make your decision.
  • Despite the sodium industry decrying salt-cutting plans due to concerns for food safety (salt is a preservative, after all), a new study published in the Journal of Food Safety says slashing sodium will not lead to any drop in food safety or perishability.
  • Get ready for health foods marketed just to men! Here’s a list of 10 upcoming food trends in the organic and health food market.
  • Eating white yogurt with a white spoon makes it taste sweeter? This and other odd ways the size, shape and colour of your cutlery could be impacting the way your food tastes. Want that low-fat yogurt to taste like an expensive, rich dessert? Use a plastic spoon!
  • Interesting commentary from Obesity Panacea regarding the American Medical Association’s move to classify obesity as a disease.

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