Flavour of the Week


Our city is underwater! We send our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by flooding in Calgary and southern Alberta. Though waters have yet to recede, you can donate to recovery efforts (may they start soon!) through the Canadian Red Cross.

  • Chocolate conspiracy? Hershey Canada is fined $4 million for price-fixing, along with Mars, Nestle and Itwal. Planning to boycott these crooked chocolatiers? Might be tough – their products account for 75% of the Canadian chocolate market!
  • We’ve said it before – sleepy brains don’t make great food choices… and the same is true for teens. Sleep deprivation in teenagers linked to higher fast food consumption and reduced likelihood of eating veggies and fruit.
  • High salt intake = osteoporosis? New research from Japan suggests that a high salt diet may be an independent risk factor for bone loss in women after menopause. Women with the highest sodium intake (over 7,000 mg daily!!!) were four-times more likely to sustain a fracture. Keep in mind, that’s a lot of sodium… but not impossible to reach with fast food, convenience meals and processed snacks.
  • Now we certainly DO NOT agree with these study conclusions from the UK, but it’s already making the rounds in the press, so here is our comment…

    Moderate drinking to the tune of 3 – 7 drinks per week during pregnancy not associated with poorer balance – therefore drinking during pregnancy okay? At least according to the press release?. Researchers believe this “phenomenon” is related to the better socioeconomic status of women who drank during pregnancy, “possibly overriding subtle harmful effects of moderate alcohol use.”

    But fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) involves more than the ability to balance! Even milder forms of FASD are associated with poorer memory, impaired judgement and decision making, and learning disabilities… none of which were assessed in the study. We’ll stick with current recommendations to avoid alcohol during pregnancy!

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