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Tournament of Seeds Semifinals: Chia vs. Sesame

Food Fight tournamentIt’s our last semi-final match! Chia seeds may get all of the press, but sesame is coming off of an impressive upset over pumpkin seeds due to superior fibre and micronutrients. Who will take on flaxseed in the finals?

chia vs sesame

Chia seed   vs* Sesame seed
 $0.91 cost  $0.54
107 kcal calories 108 kcal
3.7 g protein 3.2 g
6.8 g total fat 9.2 g
0.51 g MUFAs 3.45 g
3.79 g omega-3s 0.07 g
7.6 g fibre 2.6 g
1.7 mg iron 2.8 mg
140 mg calcium 188 mg
74 mg magnesium 68 mg
1.01 mg zinc 1.36 mg

No Baloney’s results? Once again, this race was a lot closer than we thought it would be (even the nutrients per-calorie and per-dollar were tight) BUT we are giving the win to chia seeds because of triple the fibre and 50-times the hard-to-get omega-3 fatty acids. Sesame seeds are still a great source of minerals though chia seeds really are not that far behind, particularly in calcium.

While chia seeds may cost nearly double what unhulled sesame seeds do, they are popping up in every grocery store and whole sesame seeds can be a challenge to find. There has to be something said for convenience!

Next up in the Tournament of Seeds: the championship match between chia and flax!

*Nutrition information from the USDA Nutrient Database and Canadian Nutrient File based on 2 tbsp each of “seeds, chia seeds, dried” and “seeds, sesame seed kernels, whole, roasted”. Cost based on 16 oz bulk bags from the Great American Spice Company.


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