Flavour of the Week


  • Tomorrow is World Ocean’s Day! Do your part to protect the largest area of our planet and the diversity contained within. Choosing sustainable tuna can be a great place to start! For more information on sustainable fish and seafood choices, check out seachoice.org.
  • TGIFEver wondered how many calories are in that sugary, boozy cooler? You may not have to wonder much longer – at long last, alcoholic beverages may be required to have a nutrition label.
  • Researchers from Sweden have found that children spending more time watching TV, and being exposed to more TV commercials, have higher intakes of sugar-sweetened beverages. For each additional hour of screen time, sugary beverage consumption rose 50%!
  • First it was sport drinks, now it’s protein drinks. Consumption of high-protein shakes and drinks formulated for exercise and recovery is booming in the general public. Perception is that these drinks are “healthy”, but they’re usually just high calorie and totally unnecessary!
  • Because the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet just won’t go away! A systematic review from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that “no evidence currently exists to validate the purported health benefits of blood type diets.”

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