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Tournament of Seeds Semifinals: Flax vs. Hemp

Food Fight tournamentIt’s an all-Canadian seed battle in this semi-final match-up!

Canada is the largest producer of flaxseed, supplying over 30% of worldwide demand, and although China produces the most hempseed, Canadian crops supply much of the American market because hempseed (even for food!) cannot legally be grown in the US. Who will take the win to go to the finals?

flax vs hemp

Flaxseed   vs* Hempseed
$0.19 cost  $0.80
76 kcal calories  113.3 kcal
 2.8 g protein  7.3 g
5.9 g total fat  9.3 g
1.07 g MUFAs  1.29 g
3.3 g omega-3s  2.0 g
4.0 g fibre  0.7 g
48 mg calcium  14.8 mg
0.7 mg iron  0.94 mg
52 mg magnesium  133.3 mg
0.61 mg zinc  2.5 mg

No Baloney’s results? This was a close one! Per tbsp, hempseed crushes flax in protein and trace minerals BUT when you crunch the per-dollar and per-calorie numbers, flax pulls ahead to take the win. You get more bang for your buck and calories out of flax! And the nearly five-fold difference in fibre doesn’t hurt either!

Next up in the Tournament of Seeds semifinals: chia seeds vs. sesame seeds

*Nutrition information from the Canadian Nutrient File, 2 tbsp (30 ml) “seeds, flaxseeds (linseeds), ground” and Nutiva website, 2 tbsp “shelled hempseed”. Cost based on organic Eat. Live. Be Happy brand from


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