Flavour of the Week


  • In un-shocking news, consumers often underestimate the calorie content of fast food meals, with two-thirds of people underestimating by 500 calories or more. Adolescents, large meal eaters, and Subway diners were most likely to underestimate to a greater degree.
  • Maybe there is some truth to the “Microbes manipulate your mind” headline we discussed in Four More Reasons to Love your Flora! Researchers from UCLA found that women consuming a probiotic yogurt for 4-weeks showed changes in the activity of several brain regions during functional MRI scans. More evidence of the gut-brain axis at work, though we should note the research was sponsored by Danone…
  • TGIFForty percent of medical students are unaware of their negative bias towards obese patients, with researchers noting, “doctors are more likely to assume that obese individuals won’t follow treatment plans, and they are less likely to respect obese patients than average weight patients.”
  • Is the Nordic diet going to be the “next big thing” in anti-inflammatory diets? A diet rich in traditional Nordic foods was superior to a diet with more butter, less fruits and veggies, and more white bread in terms of good vs. bad cholesterol levels.

    So what is a healthy Nordic diet? A diet rich in like berries, root vegetables, legumes and cabbage, in addition to healthy fat-containing canola oil and protein sources like low-fat dairy products, nuts, game meats, and fish.
  • A new article in the International Journal of Obesity suggests that babies born by caesarean section are 83% more likely to be obese by age 11 than those delivered vaginally. Could this be yet another link to how your gut microflora impacts your metabolism and body weight?

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