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Food Fight! Tournament of Seeds: Hempseed vs. Sunflower seed

Food Fight tournament
Here’s our next Round 1 match-up in the Tournament of Seeds: will it be newly popular, hippie-associating hempseed or baseball diamond staple sunflower seeds?

hemp vs sunflower

Hempseed   vs* Sunflower seed
Neolithic China origin American Southwest, 3000 BC
113.3 kcal calories 94.5 kcal
7.3 g protein 3.1 g
9.3 g total fat 8.1 g
 1.29 g MUFAs 1.54 g
2.0 g omega-3s 0.01 g
0.7 g fibre 1.8 g
0.94 mg iron 0.6 mg
14.8 mg calcium 11.5 mg

No Baloney’s results? Based on protein and omega-3s, it’s hemp for the win! If you are looking for fibre, however, hempseed is not where to look with a paltry 0.7 g of fibre in 2 tbsp.

While there is definitely something behind the growing popularity of hempseed, sunflower seeds are no slouch in the nutrition department either… as long as you don’t go with the salty, seasoned variety that can pack up to 600 mg of sodium per 1/4 cup serving!

Next up in the Tournament of Seeds: pumpkin seeds vs. sesame seeds

*Nutrition information from the Canadian Nutrient File based on 2 tbsp of “seeds, sunflower seed kernels, dry roasted ” and Nutiva website based on 2 tbsp of “shelled hempseed”


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