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Food Fight! Tournament of Seeds: Flaxseed vs. Poppy seed

Food Fight tournament

Here’s our first match-up in the tournament of seeds: famous, fibrous flaxseed or bagel-garnishing poppy seeds?

flax vs poppy

Flaxseed   vs* Poppy seed
Ancient Greece origin Mesopotamia
76 kcal calories 94 kcal
2.8 g protein 3.2 g
5.9 g total fat 7.42 g
 1.07 g MUFAs 1.07 g
3.3 g omega-3s 0.05 g
4.0 g fibre 3.4 g
0.7 mg iron 1.74 mg
48 mg calcium 256 mg

No Baloney’s results? We actually thought flaxseed was going to TROUNCE poor, old poppy seed but this was closer than we thought! We still have to give the win to flaxseeds because of their stellar omega-3 and fibre content. In terms of minerals, however, poppy seeds are surprisingly rich in both iron and calcium.

And we thought poppy seeds were only good for sprinkling on baked goods or providing an opium drug test-punch line on Seinfeld…

Next up in the Tournament of Seeds: hemp seeds vs. sunflower seeds

*Nutrition information from the Canadian Nutrient File: based on 2 tbsp (30 ml) each of “seeds, flaxseeds (linseeds), whole and ground” and “spices, poppy seed”


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