Flavour of the Week


  • Obesity can be a vicious cycle to break. Researchers found that obesity can inhibit the part of the brain the suppresses your appetite and encourages calorie burning, at leastTGIF in rats. These researchers also found that they could correct the problem using a chemical. Could this be the next obesity drug? Interesting but there is a long way to go from preliminary studies in rats to a safe and effective drug available for humans. We’ll just have to wait and see…..
  • How much salt should you really eat? The recommendation is for between 1,500 mg/d to 2,300mg/d and most Canadians are well above this recommendation. How bad is salt though and are these recommendations appropriate? Check out the New York Times “No Benefit Seen in Sharp Limits on Salt in Diet”. Of course, keep in mind that foods that are high in salt also tend to be processed foods high in fat and sugar with little nutritional value. Regardless of the role of salt in health, you should never base healthy diet choices on a single nutrient found in a food – good or bad.
  • Getting more than you bargained for when you eat out? When it comes to calories, yes. Turns out most restaurant meals in individual or small-chain restaurants provide 2 to 3 times the amount of calories needed at a single meal and on average 66% of an adult’s total recommended calories for the day.

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