Flavour of the Week


  • Eat for your brain! Results from a large trial in Europe showed that people who closely followed a Mediterranean diet rich in omega-3s and low in saturated fat had reduced risk of memory and cognitive issues with aging.
  • Why does the fridge always call late at night, even when you are not hungry? Researchers suggest that your internal circadian system may have something to do with those late night cravings.
    How do you thwart your internal body clock? Focus on a good breakfast, eat lighter later in the day, go to bed at a decent time, and avoid artificial light as the evening progresses.
  • Prenatal iodine is back in the news. Low levels of iodine in pregnancy have again been associated with reduced cognitive function in children – irreversible and totally preventable with adequate iodine intake. Dietary sources of iodine include fish and shellfish, dairy products, kelp and, of course, iodized salt.

    Several international organizations recommend iodine supplementation during pregnancy (not the US or Canada), so it seems prudent to look for a prenatal supplement with iodine included. Read the ingredients because only 50% on the prenatal multivitamin-minerals on the market actually contain iodine.
  • More evidence from a recent review that more vitamin D is not necessarily better – cardiovascular-related death seems to be lowest with blood levels at the upper end of adequate (21 ng/ml or 50 nmol/L) but higher levels don’t protect any better.

    So, how much vitamin D should you take to achieve this level? Since everyone processes vitamin D differently, your best bet is to get a blood test to see where your current diet and supplement practices but you in terms of blood levels and go from there.

And a special shout out to Casey Berglund, RD, RYT on the launch of her website this week. Casey wrote Ending Mindless Munchies for No Baloney back in October. Check out Casey’s website for A May of Mindfulness!


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