Flavour of the Week


  • Is there a healthier salt? No! Check out Leslie Beck’s article on table, sea or kosher salt for a great overview of the different types of salt and their relation to health. Ultimately, all salt has 0.4 g of sodium per gram and none of them provide a healthy source of other minerals. Mostly, it comes down to taste and personal preference. 


  • Why can’t you stop after just one chip? It may be the way your brain is wired. “Hedonic hyperphagia” – is a fancy term when you eat for pleasure rather than because you are hungry. Researchers suggest this is more likely to occur with foods that have a high ratio of fats and carbohydrates because they stimulate pleasure in the brain. They found that eating potato chips caused elevated brain activity in the reward centres of the brain as compared to eating a regular diet. They also suggest everyone’s brain may not respond as strongly, possibly explaining why some people snack more than others.  
  • Socio-economic status is linked to obesity in children. Socio-economic factors – however not exercise – was linked to obesity in children. This doesn’t mean that exercise isn’t beneficial for children. There are many positives to running around including cognitive improvements and better fitness.

  • Great life expectancy, but we are just unhealthier for longer! Sure we are living longer but we are less “metabolically” healthy. In a large cohort in the Netherlands significant generational shifts in health were shown, with overweight and hypertension occurring much earlier in life now in comparison to 20 years ago.

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