Flavour of the Week


  • Formula is no longer the only option for mothers who are unable to provide their infants with breastmilk. A program to collect and distribute breastmilk to those in need is gaining momentum in Calgary. Calgary Mothers’ Milk Bank has been collecting and pasteurizing breast milk from donor moms and distributing it to Hospitals to help those in need. It’ll be interesting to see if programs like these gain national and international momentum.
  • Candy is still candy, even if it’s organic sugar and natural colourings and flavourings! This is an important message for consumers as the term organic appears to have a “health halo effect” and can influence perceptions of calories, taste, and cost. When consumers were asked to compare identical products labeled as either organic or regular, they rated the organic products as better tasting, lower in calories, and they were willing to pay up to 23% more for the same product! We can’t say it enough, read the nutrition facts labels.
  • TGIFFrom the authors of ‘Miracle Foods’: Can They Decrease the Risk of Cancer? A word of warning to scientists, the media, and the general public. Keep scientific reporting in context and don’t sensationalize the findings. There is no one single “miracle food” and we need to continue to focus on the diet as a whole. 
  • Surgery vs. diet for the treatment of type 2 diabetes? Weight loss surgery “cures” type 2 diabetes in many cases but is it the surgery or the dietary changes that occur as a result of the surgery? Placing patients with type 2 diabetes on the same, very restrictive ~ 200 Calories a day, diet as those who have surgery resulted in similar improvements in their blood glucose levels. The caveat?  The researchers note that long-term adherence to this diet without surgery would be “nearly impossible”.

  • A great list of healthy foods that might not be in your cupboard from Eating Well. Our only comment: almond milk is not naturally high in calcium, it’s usually added in the form of calcium carbonate (soymilk is the same).

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