Flavour of the Week


  • Big news out of Alberta this week! In a meta-analysis, researchers at the University of Calgary found a strong link between low vitamin D levels and risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.
  • Speaking of vitamin D… In a new randomized controlled trial, 35 pre-diabetic, obese children and adolescents with low vitamin D levels were randomized to receive either vitamin D supplement or placebo for six months. Those in the vitamin D group had significantly lower insulin levels, *suggesting* improved insulin sensitivity.
  • TGIFCurrent estimates put sugar-sweetened beverage-related deaths at 25,000 per year in the US, and up to 118,000 deaths annually worldwide.
  • Coca-Cola tries to capitalize on the Forks vs. Feet debate by suggesting chairs and sitting, not sugar-sweetened beverages, are the real enemy in the obesity epidemic. Obesity is multi-factorial and blaming chairs while promoting drinking straight sugar is not helping anyone. There goes any public goodwill they managed with the “calories count” spot!

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