Flavour of the Week


  • A new food label strategy? Instead of posting the amount of calories you may start to see labels that express the calories in walking distance. Research suggests that physical activity-based labels can be more informative and convince people to eat less. Makes sense to translate the numbers to something practical that people can quickly understand. AND we know people often overestimate the number of calories burned doing physical activity…..
  • A not so healthy start! Turns out at least 75% of per-packaged foods designed for toddlers have too much salt. You can also check out the report in the Globe and Mail. Excessive salt intake appears to be a problem that affects everyone from toddler to late adulthood. For a quick review of the salt status of Canadians and what is being done or NOT done check out our post A Tale of Two Countries
  • Fatten your wallet, not your belly! Finally, evidence that eating healthy can be affordable. Providing people with information and cooking lesson that support a plant-based, Mediterranean type diet helped them save money, eat healthier, and lose weight. 
  • Wondering about dietary supplements? Check out Marion Nestles’ Dietary Supplements: A Round Up of Bad News. Keep in mind it’s a summary of the bad news and not designed to be a balanced report. It’s also American information and the rules are slightly different in Canada.
  • Could picky eating be genetic? A newly published study looked at picky eating tendencies in twins and found that genes played a stronger role than environment. When comparing identical and fraternal twins, only identical twins were significantly likely to have both picky eating habits. Nature vs. nurture! For more information on dealing with picky eating, we love Ellyn Satter.
  • The headlines were everywhere this week – “Too Much Tea Bad for your Bones!” But before you put down your cup, the case reported in the news involved drinking a pitcher of tea made from 100 tea bags per day! We think “too much”is a bit of an understatement…

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