Flavour of the Week


  • Is Beyoncé keeping kids drinking soda? New research from the University of Liverpool suggests that celebrity junk food endorsements encourage children to not only preferentially choose those specific brands BUT also eat more of them! We love this blog post by Mark Bittman on the ethics of promoting obesity-epidemic-contributors, and on a lighter note this list of some hilariously-bad celebrity food endorsements. Steven Seagal’s “Lightning Bolt” energy drink, anyone?
  • TGIFIn not-news-to-us news, plants oils are linked with improved satiety, especially heart-healthy olive oil. We have already taken the leap off the low-fat bandwagon, how about you? Because gelatin-thickened fat-free yogurt leaves us starving!
  • Visual cue more effective than simply numbers. Researchers from the University of Illinois argue that providing visual information, like the stoplight, may be more effective in supporting healthier choices than providing calorie information only, particularly when consumers are rushed or a menu is extensive.
  • Speaking of green = go, a new study from Cornell found that when shown a candy bar wrapper university students perceived the green-labeled bars as more healthful than those labelled in red or white, despite identical calorie content! Now just wait for manufacturers to tap into the stoplight to trick consumers – M&Ms and Snickers already have front-of-package green labeling…

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