Flavour of the Week


  • More evidence that “good” fat is more effective than low-fat at reducing risk of CVD! In the PREDIMED study, participants were randomized to either 1) Low fat diet, 2) Mediterranean diet with focus on olive oil or 3) Mediterranean diet with focus on nuts; both the olive oil and nut groups received free weekly quantities of these products. Lo and behold, both high-fat groups showed a reduced risk of stroke, heart attack and CVD-related death.
  • According to new data, Canadian obesity rates are at an all time high, showing the greatest increase between 2000 and 2007. Published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health, researchers from UBC have mapped out obesity rates nationwide – the Maritimes and Territories continue to have the highest obesity rates, while Quebec and BC have the lowest rates.
  • TGIFHaving greater sugar in the food supply linked with rising rates of diabetes. Does this mean that sugar causes diabetes? The answer is still no, not exactly, it’s more complicated than that. What do we think it’s indicative of? We are eating more processed, high-sugar non-foods – like the foods we discussed this week and last – and the further away from real food we get, the worse our health.
  • More blame your mother! Eating junk foods while pregnant increases the likelihood that your child will grow into a junk food lover. Although the research was in rats, some pretty startling discoveries – a diet composed of junk food actually caused changes in the sensitivity of brain responses in the pups, where they were less able to regulate their intake of fat and sugar.
  • The new 4 Rs of education – Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, and aeRobics. The importance of adequate physical activity in children for proper physical and cognitive development is once again highlighted. Are we finally realizing that reducing gym class time in response to budget cuts to was a TERRIBLE idea? Let’s hope we don’t repeat our mistakes

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