Flavour of the Week


  • A new treatment for Type 1 diabetes. Researchers have found that gene therapy can be used to treat type 1 diabetes, at least in dogs. There is still a long way to go before using this technique to treat humans but it is promising none-the-less. Here is the link to a more layman’s description of the study.TGIF
  • The latest culprit for childhood obesity? Stress! It appears that children that had the largest stress response – measured by cortisol levels – to a stress test had higher BMIs. Furthermore, the children with the greatest stress response also ate more even after saying they were not hungry.
  • We’ve been targeting schools for years to try to promote healthy behaviours in children but what about adults? Look out here come the worksite interventions.  Workplace-based programs that include dietary advice and behavioural counseling resulted in significant weight loss. The study authors stress that they believe it was the inclusion of the behavioural counseling that resulted in the large amount of weight loss – 18 pounds in six months in the treatment group. It also seems that even those not directly involved in the program but who did work at the worksite where the program occurred benefited; possibly due to a cultural shift in the workplace. 
  • The benefits of antioxidants still unclear. One study found increased intakes of antioxidants did not reduce the risk of stroke or dementia. This is only one study, however, and the authors do note that if conflicts with other studies. Epidemiological studies are always hampered by the number of factors that are uncontrolled for or considered in the analysis. We acknowledge that the role of antioxidants in health may still be unclear but we don’t think that should discourage anyone from eating fruits and vegetables!

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