Flavour of the Week


  • Omega-3 rich ground beef could be coming to a store near you. Grass-fed beef contains considerably higher amounts of buzz-worthy omega-3 fatty acids, so what’s the grain-fed beef industry to do? Omega-3 enriched ground beef, that’s what! But will enriched ground beef carry any of the same benefits as omega-3s found naturally in foods? We’ll have to wait and see…
  • Get ready for an onslaught of bad press, calcium! Supplemental calcium intakes of more than 1,000 mg were associated with increased risk of CVD-related death in older men, but not in women.
  • Ever wonder how many Calories are in your glass of wine or other alcoholic drink? Turns out these products are on the labelling radar. We’ll see if the Canadian Government jumps on board. We think they should – but we’re not sure we want to be reminded!

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