Flavour of the Week


  • All that research touting the health benefits of coffee may be for nought! A report from the CBC claims coffee beans are in danger of extinction by 2080. That’s a ways off but hopefully it will inspire some changes……
  • Another proposition for taxation as a means to curb intakes of unhealthy foods. The report from the National Heart Forum meeting notes taxation should be part of a larger group of policies to shape food consumption and supply. The report is worth reading as it does provide an interesting summary of the effects of taxation on food choices and intakes, in countries that have already taken this route. Interestingly, Denmark is doing just the opposite and scraping their “fat tax”. We would really like to see some high quality research prior to the apparently random development of policies!
  • SEVEN MINUTES! That’s it, that’s all the vigorous (it does need to be intense) physical activity children need to experience health benefits AND they don’t even get that in a day!
  • The “healthiness” of a food may depend on more than just it’s nutritional composition. A study in California looked at the exposure of families to food-borne toxins. The short story? Pre-school children are at the highest risk but we all consume more toxins than we should. On the bright side, they do provide some suggestions for limiting your exposure to food-borne toxins.
  • Fast-food isn’t getting any healthier. Even with the focus on healthier choices and a few good options; it turns out that the average number of calories in fast-food restaurants hasn’t changed since 1997.
  • Can you imagine a world without Twinkies! Turns out your dreams (or nightmares depending on your perspective) are about to come true. Hostess is going out of business and is taking the infamous Twinkie with them.

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