Flavour of the Week


  • Beef has been in the spotlight because of E. coli contamination and dodgy practices at XL Foods, but it turns out meat is not the only recall hitting grocery stores this month. Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats have been recalled because of possible metal fragments inside cereal boxes. Yikes!
  • Blue honey anyone? Bees living near an plant processing waste from M&M candies are bringing that lovely dye back to their hives and making colourful honey. Scary stuff!
  • Need another reason to support the importance of a healthy body weight? How about reduced risk of cancer? The World Cancer Research Fund highlights the link between cancer and increased body weight in their Continuous Update Project report or you can seen the quick summary in The Independent.
  • Vending machines in the U.S. will soon have to display the calorie content of beverages. We hope someone is doing a study on this initiative to see if it has an impact…

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