Flavour of the Week


  • Making chocolate healthy? Well, lower in fat at least. Researchers found they could replace the cocoa butter and milk fat in chocolate with fruit juice and still keep the melt-in-your-mouth texture. We’re not convinced that this is going to have any health benefits – creating low fat foods by replacing the fat content with carbohydrates hasn’t worked yet. We say leave the chocolate as is and focus on smaller portion sizes of dark chocolate.
  • Is the internet the next frontier in weight loss treatment? A meta analysis finds that interactive computer-based interventions can help with weight loss and weight maintenance BUT aren’t as effective as intensive, in-person interventions. Given their flexibility and cost-effectiveness; however, on-line interventions may have an important role in future weight loss/weight control program development.
  • Nuts for your nuts! (Sorry we couldn’t resist!) Researchers found eating walnuts can improve sperm concentration, vitality and reduce chromosome abnormalities. They hypothesize that the improvements are related to the omega-3 fatty acids so other foods might work as well. Note: The study was supported by the California Walnut Commission.
  • New research suggests yo-yo dieting may not dramatically reduce future weight loss success. In a weight loss study of over 400 women, having a history of severe weight cycling (20+ lbs weight loss on three or more occasions) did not impact ability to lose weight. Keep in mind, the Science Daily link touts “Yo-yo-dieting does not thwart weight loss efforts or alter metabolism long term…“. We agree they have demonstrated the first part, but they didn’t actually measure metabolic rate in the study…
  • Resisting gobbling down cookies in childhood is associated with better weight management as an adult? Self-control in a cookie/marshmallow challenge was assessed in 653 children between 1968 – 1974; 164 adults responded in follow-up. When adult weight was cross-referenced with self-control, for each minute children delayed gratification BMI went down 0.2.

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