Flavour of the Week


  • Guidance needed for Canada’s Food Guide (CFG). Turns out people haven’t actually spent time memorizing the serving sizes from CFG, surprised? Researchers found that when Canadians are trying to follow CFG they underestimate serving sizes, possibly leading to over consumption. The authors recommend greater public education but perhaps we also need to consider revising the food guide?
  • More health benefits to caffeine! Researchers found small amounts of caffeine improved movement in those with Parkinson’s disease. The trial was small and further research is needed but this, in addition to the benefits of coffee on type 2 diabetes, suggests that we need to rethink our impression of coffee as an unhealthy vice. Note the comment at the end of the article regarding the difficulty of finding research funds to test caffeine because it can’t be patented and sold for profit by drug companies. The abstract for the full scientific study can be found here.
  • Next up for the Olympics? Beers guzzling and chip chomping! Watching all those ripped, elite athletes isn’t inspiring us (well at least the Australians) to get out an exercise but rather to go out and spend money on food and drinks to celebrate the games. Australians will spend an estimated $500 million celebrating wins, mostly on drinks. Goodness knows what the Americans will be spending with all of those medals.
  • Health Canada is introducing new food labelling rules, which will take effect August 4th. The rules focus on making it easier to identify allergens rather than change the format of the nutrition facts table. The full description of the changes can be found on Health Canada’s website.
  • Chalk another one up for modest weight loss and diet and lifestyle interventions. Turns out modest weight loss, even if the weight is subsequently regained, can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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