Flavour of the Week


  • Death Defying Vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with an increased risk of death, especially in older adults who are frail. Canada’s Food Guide recommends 400 IU supplemental vitamin D per day for those over 50 but 1000 IU is often recommended by other organizations. Screening for blood levels of vitamin D, in older adults, should also become standard of care, especially in Canada.
  • Sinister Sodium! Diets high in sodium may increase blood pressure and stomach cancer and now decrease bone health and increase kidney stones. Researchers have looked at calcium and sodium and find that the absorption of the two are linked. More sodium equals less calcium. We’ve said it again and again, focus on whole, minimally-processed foods for optimal health. You’ll improve your entire diet not just your sodium intakes.
  • Just in time for the Olympics. The truth about sport drinks. An interesting take on the rise and promotion of sports drinks and their role in athletics and society.
  • The Western diet is becoming more and more common world wide and along with the increased number of hamburgers, fries etc. comes chronic diseases. Higher rates of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease were found in Asians and South-East Asians who consumed Western type fast foods four or more times per week. Not surprised? Interestingly, the “unhealthy” traditional foods such as dumplings and noodles did not have the same effect.

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