Flavour of the Week


  • We’ve said it once, twice, a million times (and so has your mom!) – breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and may set the tone for healthier eating habits throughout the day.
  • Great read on how the Brazilian government is putting consumers first in the junk food war, not big business. Not only are all Brazilian children attending state schools entitled to one daily meal at school,  “70% of the food supplied to schools must be fresh or minimally processed, and a minimum of 30% of this food must be sourced from local family farmers.”
  • Looks like it is Forks AND Feet in terms of the link between caloric restriction and longevity – you need to be physically active in addition to watching calories to reap the benefits.
  • Ridiculous headline of the week: “The hidden health benefits of your muffin top“. In a perfect example of don’t-just-read-the-headline, a single study involving cell cultures has shown that the cells in your omentum (a fold of your peritoneum that contains lymph glands and some visceral adipose tissue) have an important role in immunity. Important note: everyone has an omentum, regardless of whether they have a muffin top! Having more “omentum fat” likely won’t improve your immune response…
  • New data suggests that eating fast food just ONCE per week can increase your risk heart disease and diabetes. Consuming fast food 4 or more times per week comes with a steep cost – an 80% increased risk of dying from coronary heart disease! No matter how cheap Big Macs are, that’s a big price to pay.

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