Flavour of the Week


  • Is Obesity a Disease? Dr. Arya Sharma and Dr. Jacquie Gingras discussed this very topic in a session hosted by The Healthy Active Living and Obesity (HALO) Research Group at the CHEO Research Institute, and the University of Ottawa’s Chapter of CON. Hopefully the recording of the session will be posted online – in the meantime, here is Dr. Sharma’s reflection on the debate.
  • Will proposed ban on supersized drinks in NYC have any effect on obesity epidemic? We doubt it and so do a lot of others. Jumbo *regular* pops will be banned from restaurants, movie theatres and events but will still be available in stores. What about diet soda? Totally exempt from the ban.
  • Want to quit smoking? Replace your cigarettes with more fruits and veggies! Increasing your vegetable and fruit intake after you quit is linked to longer-term success in staying tobacco-free – a double-fold risk reduction!
  • More evidence that milk does a body good! Research has demonstrated time and again and milk and milk products are linked to better weight management – but what’s the “secret ingredient” responsible? Calcium, protein, CLA or nicotinamide riboside (NR)? New research links the latter, a precursor of metabolic enzyme NAD+ found in milk, with increased fat burning, lower weight and longevity. Don’t get too excited yet though, this research was done in mice given a high supplemental NR dose. Whether the amounts of NR found in daily milk consumption can help humans remains to be seen. For more on milk and health check out our debunking of anti-milk propoganda.
  • Take the 30 Days of Good challenge and make your own meals for the month of June. A new recipe, tip etc will be posted every weekday in June.
  • Want to lose weight? The key might be to adjust your sleep patterns. The Harvard School of Public Health gives a quick summary of the role of sleep in weight control.

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