Flavour of the Week


  • Will we finally start making progress towards clear, useful food labels? The UK Department of Health is launching a food labelling consultation focused on front-of-label-packaging. Currently, in Canada, the official food label (sometimes tiny and hidden on the side or back panel) is highly regulated BUT you can advertise certain aspects of a product on the front of the package and this is NOT regulated. For instance, you could note that your product is trans-fat free in large bold font while not mentioning that the product is chock-full of sugar and salt. Keep a close watch and hope that Canada follows suit.
  • What to drink? Surprise! The answer is water – again. We have often mentioned the benefits of drinking water to help to control food intake and as a zero calorie way of staying hydrated. Now new research suggests that drinking water with your meals may positively impact your food choices. Turns out that drinking water with your meals encourages you to eat veggies, whereas, sugar sweetened beverages are linked to salty high calorie foods like fries. Check out our tips on how to add a little flavour to your water.
  • Yup – some dietary supplements, especially in higher amounts, may increase your risk of cancer. Beta-carotene, folic acid and selenium all appear to increase cancer risk when intake is very high. Our advice? Always stay below the UL for micronutrients and always go with food first!

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