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  • The Food and Drug Administration will decide by March 31, 2012 whether to follow the lead of trailblazing France in banning the use of BPA in ALL food packaging. Given mounting evidence, we’re hoping Health Canada is watching!
  • Cochrane Review from 2008 investigating antioxidant supplement use has been updated – current evidence continues to NOT support their use. In particular, beta-carotene and potentially vitamin E and vitamin A supplements are even linked to increased mortality, though the increase was small. Like we said before, go with food first!
  • Save your money and stay away from blood tests for food allergies and sensitivities. These test do not have any scientific evidence to support them and are not how food allergies are diagnosed. Read the report in the Globe and Mail or check out the full article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal if you have access.

One thought on “TGIF

  1. I got rid of all my old Tupperware a few years ago when I learned that most of it had BPA in it, and replaced it with Sistema’s BPA-free plasticware.

    It’s about time the whole world stopped using this stuff. I know that Avent are still using BPA in their baby bottles – or were a few months ago when I last checked – which is shameful, as they’re a leading baby bottle seller. And Tupperware had a page on their site which basically said “we don’t think BPA is harmful, yada yada”. I don’t know if that page is still up, but it would be in the web archives.

    Yeah, not happy. Never trust any company one inch. But what’s worse is the dangers of BPA have been known about for decades – yet the governments had done NOTHING. (Can you tell I’m disgusted?)

    In the meanwhile, toss out your old Tupperware, if you haven’t already.

    Thanks for the post on this topic.

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