Flavour of the Week


  • Second breakfast” is apparently the hot new food trend. This does not bode well…
  • Potentially controversial look at juice by Obesity Panacea, but we have to agree: aside from vitamin C content (which Sunny D also has in spades), juice *barely* counts as a fruit given that is devoid of fibre and is not linked to decreased risk of chronic disease, like whole veggies and fruit are. I recently had a client that was consuming 1.5 L of juice per day – that’s over 700 calories – and wondering why the pants were fitting tight. Our recommended maximum intake of juice for most people is 125 – 250 ml of 100% unsweetened juice per DAY, particularly if you are trying to lose weight.
  • Genetic “super-tasters“: not really as simple as like the taste of fat, eat more fat, become overweight or obese, but interesting insights into taste preferences nonetheless.
  • No great surprise here – weight loss supplements are not effective. Recent review looked at four categories of weight loss supplements – chitosan, CLA, stimulants (like caffeine) and fibre-appetite suppressants – and there was no evidence that ANY of them were beneficial. Stick to the diet tips at the bottom of the article instead.

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