Flavour of the Week


  • Veggie dogs, soy milk, soygurt, veggie ground beef – is it too much soy? Could there be a link between soy consumption and the rise in obesity? These authors suggest yes and link it to the soy phytoestrogens (a chemical found in plants that is very similar to estrogen) and soy’s ability to decrease absorption of essential nutrients.  The results are interesting but high quality studies are required to confirm these preliminary data.
  • Harvard School of Public Health tackles fibre. A quick and easy summary as well as a few tips for increasing the fibre in your diet. Fibre: The bottom line.
  • Coffee, could it have gotten a bad rap for no reason? Sit down with a nice cup of the steaming brew and read why it may actually be healthy! Of course, they are talking about the coffee, not the flavouring, whip cream and sugar added to it. Check out the layman’s version or the full article.

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