Flavour of the Week


  • More reasons to eat those fruits and veggies…. Women who consume higher amounts of citrus fruits had a 19% reduction in their risk of ischemic strokes. They link the reduced risk to the flavanones found in citrus fruits. Whole fruits are better than juices as they typically have less sugar. Keep the variety in your fruit and vegetable intakes, however, as they all have beneficial properties!
  • Does sugar make you fat? Check out the review posted by Stephan Guyenet. The short answer? Refined sugar may contribute to body fat by increasing the palatability of foods – you eat more of foods that taste good – BUT sugar and fructose are not inherently fattening. Read the full post for all of the “sweet” details!
  • Why you should say no to that second helping of dessert! New research suggests you build up a tolerance to delicious foods and derive less enjoyment from them. It appears the frequency with which you consume delicious foods – ice cream in this case – affects the reward you feel.  For the quick summary check out Obesity Panacea.
  • Can coconut water replace traditional sport drinks? No difference in performance was noted between any of the drinks tested – including water – suggesting a more strenuous exercise protocol is needed before we can determine if coconut water can be used by those looking for a natural alternative to manufactured sports drinks. A quick heads up, participants did report more bloating and stomach upset with coconut water.

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