Flavour of the Week


  • Great post from Obesity Panacea highlighting the importance of looking at BMI in the context of an actual person and their history – not an absolute, be-all-end-all indicator of health.
  • Down with the low-fat muffin! Why low-fat isn’t healthier (and some helpful recipes).
  • Based on longitudinal data, junk food in schools isn’t that much of a factor in rising childhood obesity – students who attended middle school where “junk food” was available were no more likely to be overweight or obese than those without in-school access. Begs the question – what do they constitute as “junk”? What about cafeterias where fries, pizza and pop are available at lunch? To see what the US considers appropriate check out the new USDA standards for school lunches. Should Canada follow suit?
  • People with lower dopamine need to eat more food to feel reward. They are more motivated to eat and eat more; thus, more likely to be obese. New research finds the appetite center of the brain has neurons with both dopamine and ghrelin (an appetite stimulating hormone) receptors and that the two interact. Could this lead to a pharmaceutical treatment for obesity with fewer side effects?
  • High fructose diets associated with metabolic syndrome risk factors in adolescents. Don’t hold the fruit basket just yet – a large chunk of teens’ fructose consumption comes from, you guessed it, sweetened beverages like fruit drinks and soda.

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